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About Us

Mission: To help educate our members and the public on the art of bonsai and supply ample opportunities to learn this art.


Bonsai is the only living art. If you have an interest in growing trees in trays come to one of our meetings. You are always welcome! Most meetings are at 10:30 am on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Check out the schedule below to see when the next meeting is. Meetings are usually centered around the season, repotting in the spring, or winterizing in the fall are examples of workshops we might do. Remember that we all started sometime with Bonsai! Don’t be anxious if you are new to the amazing art of Bonsai, we have something for everyone. Along with our monthly meetings, we have spring and fall shows and workshops with bonsai experts.


Feel free to contact:


Darlene Kittle – – 260-637-5104


Ed Hake –


Come join us for our monthly Bonsai Club Meetings!

 January 21st: Meeting at Lawton Greenhouse
February 18th: Bring Your Own Tree
March 18th: Pot Making Workshop
April 22nd: Bring Your Own Tree With Scott Yelich
May 20: Spring Bonsai Show
June TBD
 July TBD
August TBD
September 16: Fall Bonsai Show
October TBD
November TBD
Decmber TBD

  Bonsai Classes

This will be a series of 8 classes with a work book that we will study. It will be a class every other week and  include several demos and discussions of bonsai techniques and styles.  If you have trees you will be encouraged to bring them to discuss styling them.  We will also discuss displaying trees for public shows, using stands and accent plants and at large shows using Japanese scrolls.  A starter tree will be included as part of the workshop. It will also include a field trip to Lowes or Home Depot to choose a nursery plant to turn into a bonsai tree. You will pay for the tree if you want to create your own bonsai with it.  It will be small classes you will have your choice of Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm or Saturday morning at 10:30 am and classes will last 2 -3 hours. Total price of the class will be $80.00.  It can be paid in payments.

If you have missed some of the classes, please get in contact with Darlene Kittle as there is always more space for you!
Call : 260-637-5104  Cell 260-413-5601 or email

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