Frequently Asked Questions

Joining as a club member gets you involved with others pursuing the art of Bonsai. Learn best practices for the Indiana climate. Get club discounts on soil & fertilizer! Participate in workshops to expand your knowledge on horticulture, repotting, wiring, pruning, training techniques, winter care and more!

To join you can just attend any of our club meetings with either cash or check for membership dues and you will be added to the email list and receive our monthly newsletter and get website access to our members only section!

Single: $25.00/yr

Family: $30.00/yr

Senior (60+), Student, Disabled: $20.00/yr

  • Club meets every third Saturday on most months.
  • Meetings are at libraries, homes or the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory
  • Meetings begin at 10:30am and end approximately at 12:30pm
  • Check our Events page of where we’ll be next